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kron news starts now with a developing story. >> developing news tonight on a story at 9:00. police have arrested the man with a triple murder in sonoma county. these are airlines from the scene with our helicopter partnership with abc news. what we are learning about the accused killer and where he was found. stan? >> well, pam, as you know, this was supposedly called a drug deal gone bad. it happened here as you said, but the suspect was found 24 hours away. an arrest has been made in sonoma county drug deal gone bad. investigators say three people were at the rural home february
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5th waiting to buy when they were gunned down. their bodies discovered in a bedroom later in the day. now, a sheriff official says 46- year-old mark copello was taken into custody in valentine's day on mobile, alabama. interviews and collected evidence, both here in the bay area and in the home state of colorado. but they will not say why they think he is responsible by the triple murder. and among the dead, and. it was his mother that rented the house where the bodies were found. he was out of the town at the time of the killing. now, authorities won't say if they they believed copello acted alone or if they are looking for other suspects. extradition proceeders -- proseegds are underway and authorities hope that copello will be back here to face
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charges within the week. pam? >> this just into our newsroom tonight. a possible motive in the newtown, connecticut massacre. cbs news citing sources close to the case is reporting that adam lanza, the gunman who killed 20 children and six women at sandy hook elementary on december 14th was obsessed with another massed murderer. the report says lanza was fascinated with the man who killed 77 people in norway back in 2011. >> reports indicate lanza wanted to top that death toll. an interest is just one theory. law enforcement officials reportedly traveled to washington d.c. last week to brief unidentified federal authorities on the status of the investigation and discussed the possible connection. late-night violence breaking out in san francisco's north beach from fights to out- of-control brawls, it's all happening along broadway.
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residents in the area say enough is enough. we have team coverage tonight including an interview with an eyewitness. we begin with family roberts who has a closer look at exactly what is goes on in this addition of people behaving badly. >> you're looking at exclusive video of a brawl that according to the san francisco police department included up to 200 poem. the fight began early sunday morning after the clubs closed. >> out-of-control. >> no one knows what triggered the fight but we do know that in the end, five people were arrested, three for assaulting a police officer. two officers were injured during the maylay. oh, and did i mention, this fight took place right smack in the north beach section of san francisco. why am i not surprised? there has been a long-standing problem on broadway with fights breaking out during and after the clubs close. the video is captured by residents near broadway who are fed up with all the violence that takes place here. the fight appears to last, get this, six whole minutes.
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>> perhaps it was also captured by a surveillance camera mounted in the parking lot. here you can see some people left the fight as if to take a break only to return to the melee. in fact, it even appears that after the huge fight was over, the sleeping surveillance cameras captured this fight. san francisco police were called from almost every district around the city to get things back in order. but the fact still remains broadway and north beach appears to be back to its old ways or maybe it's never changed. all we know is something needs to be done. in san francisco, stanly roberts, crime 4 news. >> continues our team coverage tonight. new at 8:00, he talks with an eyewitness who watched that fight as it unfolded. >> this is just way out of control. i have never seen out of control like this before. >> talking about this fight that broke out along broadway early sunday morning in north beach. >> pushing and a lot of shouting and culminating into what eventually was, you know,
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was striking and, you know, hitting. >>reporter: valet parks cars at penthouse strip club across the street from the parking lot where the fight broke out. this is amateur video shot by those who live nearby. in it, you can see officers arriving by the dozen. police tell us they used additional resources from all across the city. early on, though, they were outnumbered. >> it's not enough cops on the street for this particular type of incident. >>reporter: neighborhood groups are upset as this is just the latest in a series of violent acts on broadway and north beach. >> the residents that lived here for 20-something years are scared to go down broadway right now because the people are coming in with cars, with guns, drinking on the street. they are not the residents. they are not the neighbors that live here. >> i didn't think that it was going to escalate to the point where it was out of control, completely out of control. >> a number of those living in this neighborhood believe the problem lies in a couple of the clubs here in this section of broadway. i did talk with officers and said is this a problem here?
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they tell us this happens every now and then. in san francisco, j.r. stone, crime 4 news. new tonight at 8:00, el dorado county sheriff released the cause of death for alissa burn. deputies say that burn that went missing in south lake at that ho and was found near a snow bank died of hypothermia. they also found meth and other drugs in her system. the teen had attended a new year's eve music festival and disappeared afterwards. deputies say she may have tried to walk three miles in freezing weather to her hotel. new tonight at 8:00, a massive tree toppled over destroying a home in the country club neighborhood. ray spoke with the deaf tated -- devastated homeowners who narrowly escaped harm. >> it was three or 400 years old and it was about five or six feet in diameter. >> keith is talking about this old live oak tree that came crashing down on he and his wife's home early this
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afternoon. his wife, wendy, was in the kitchen just a feet -- just feet away from where that oak came busting in. >> if i had been three steps to the left to get my purse to go to work, i would probably be in the hospital because that is are where the roof fell in, and then looking and seeing the roof fall and i just dropped thinking i can't go out and i can't move. i'm just going to drop. >> the crew is now working to clean up the mess left behind by the oak. pete told me that he had never thought this oak was in any danger of falling down. >> you know, the structure was never damaged to any point where we were concerned about it falling over. >> it's just really bad because this tree was really a huge part of my landscape and defining my property. >> peter and his wife feel fortunate that they weren't hurt. they say now it's time to focus on rebuilding their house that unfortunately suffered a significant amount of damage. >> no insurance. >> absolutely. farmer's. and they have done a great job. so far they have been out here
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helping very much so so we are grateful to them. >> and crews out here removing that tree say it is was more than likely old age that caused that tree to come through the roof. i talked to the family and they tell me they do have a place to stay tonight as their home is unlivable. reporting in contra costa county, crime 4 news. although the bay area is due to get rain tomorrow, it comes after several weeks of pretty dry weather. charles clifford has an update on the snow pack that we all rely on for our water. >> after a very wet november and december, california started the new year with an above average amount of snow in the mountains, but since then, things have been very is dry. the california department of water resources says that state- wide, we have about 75% of the amount of snow that we usually have at this time of year. also the state's rainy season usually peaks around april 1s and so far california has about half of the amount of snow it usually sees by that date. while at the moment, we have a smaller than usual snow pack,
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water resources does say that our reservoirs are at about 100% of capacity. near tahoe, there's lots of snow in the mountains and the ski resorts on the lake are still boasting impressive snow packs as you can see from the web cam, but there hasn't been any significant new snowfall in weeks. with spring break on the horizon, a couple of big storms could be good for business. and if rainy weather continues, the snow pack could also get back on track. in the newsroom, charles clifford crime 4 news. >> we are expecting snow as we head into tomorrow, but it's not going to be a significant storm. under a foot of snow expected. as we take a live look outside, we are still seeing -- storm tracker picking up a few returns on the delta. we have not seen any rain fall just yet. as you can imagine, it's been very dry out there for the past several weeks. so it's going to take a while for the air to become saturated and for us to see rain down at ground level. satellite and radar picture showing the first wave coming through.
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a little bit of a lull. we'll see some clear skies for briefly through the overnight hours and here comes more rain that is going to move in for the overnight hours into your morning commute tomorrow. so here is what you can expect overnight. the light showers will begin really towards about 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. that is when we are going to see the rain start and then we'll have on and off rain through the rest of the morning and through the afternoon. even the chance of thunderstorms and this system is going to be bringing a what's of cold air with it. we're also going to see snow levels locally dropping to as low as 2000 feet. we're going to time out the rain on futurecast and talk about a chance of rain later in the week coming up in just a bit. also ahead tonight at 8:00, students at uc santa cruz on edge after a woman is brutally attacked on campus in daylight. details just ahead. plus, oscar, the olympian accused of murder is back in court while his exgirlfriend's family holds her memo mother-in- law. and scientists now picking up the pieces of that massive meteor which exploded over
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a white male in his 30s weighing 200-pounds with a muscular build. he had a full mustache and a tattoo on his right biaccept. the 21-year-old was not a student but a visitor to campus. she was walking here on this foot path near the ampaneater and classroom unit buildings when she was attacked. the area is about midway between the plaza and science
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hill. >> i think that is what made this so unusual is this was a sexual assault on a victim where she had no knowledge of the assailant and it occurred in the middle of the afternoon. >> we're talking broad daylight here. 12:30 sunday afternoon. there were no witnesses. the victim tells police she was punched in the face and torso, thrown to the ground and then raped. her assailant who she said spoke with a deep growl and smelled of cigarettes was last seen running away towards stienhardt way. a campus-wide alert has now gone out to all students. >> it's absolutely an occasion for us to just give people some basic safety tips. you know, trust your instincts. if you come upon someone who is concerning to you, maybe you have got a good reason to be concerned. >>reporter: there is no indication the suspect was armed, but police say there will be extra patrols on these trails now for the foreseeable
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future. santa cruz. students there say they heard about the attack via a campus-wide e-mail and several of them told crowd four they were shocked by what happened. >> yeah, i was actually what you canning around alone last night and when i came home to check my e-mail i thought maybe i shouldn't be walking around anymore alone because i just came back home from san jose action so i am definitely going to be not walking around alone. >> well, i carry my maise with me. and i do have like a sort of pocket knife thing, but i don't walk around at night by myself. i mean for the most part, because anybody can go on campus because the gates are so open, it is nowhere near as safe as i think it should be. >>reporter: the victim was badly bruised and hurt, she spin the night in the hospital. campus police have now stepped up patrols in the area as rob mentioned. we are continuing to follow a developing story in south africa. right now, double amputee and olympic athlete remains in
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custody. he is accused of shooting his girlfriend, reva steenkampf to death, this as national television airs a reality show which features her. >> the way that you go -- it's so important. >>reporter: south africa broad casting said it was airing the show as a tribute so people who had never met the 29-year-old model could get to know her. the two had been together since last november. the double amputee known as the bladerunner is being held at this police station. his uncle describes his state of mind. >> numb, shock, and grief. >>reporter: the story -- he told police he shot his girlfriend by mistake thinking she was a prowler, but a south african paper says its police sources describe a different scenario. illustrated in graphic images. in the first, the couple is in
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his bedroom. he fires at her hitting her in the head. she flees into the bathroom and locks the door. that is when three more shots were fired hitting her in the head and arms. the final image shows him carrying her body down the stairs where paramedics are unable to revive her. police also reportedly found a bloody cricket bat in the bedroom. published reports claim he used it to try to crush her skull. other reports suggest steroid abuse may have played a role. investigators say they found performance-enhancing drugs in the home alone -- along with evidence of heavy drinking. kron 4 news. >> the family will not be attending the bail hearing. they are holding a private memorial in her hometown of port elizabeth. well, scientists announce pieces of ma meteor which exploded over southern russia injuring hundreds of people. authorities have recovered dozens of fragments from a frozen lake but say they are still looking for the main piece of the meteor.
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this blast on friday caused more than $33 million worth of damage. as we said, 1000 people injured. nasa says the meteor was 55 feet wide, and it weighed 10,000 tons and was traveling more than 40,000-miles an hour. big changes coming to the forecast as we head into the overnight hours. we're going to be dealing with rain out the door tomorrow morning and through much of the day. temperatures also going to be quite chilly in the afternoon. into the upper 40s and low 50s. and heading into wednesday, we aring going to see mainly a dry day, but a chance of rain, at least light showers later on in the evening and into early thursday morning. more on that in just a moment. first, let's talk about what is coming in for tonight. we have seen some returns on the radar this evening, but nothing is actually hit the ground. you see this first wave coming through the bay area right now. we're going to see a little bit of a low in between that. this is the clearer skies that you see here, and the next round of rain ising going to be coming in through the overnight hours, that one we will see hit the ground. let's take a look at futurecast
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pinpointing that period of clear skies into the midnight hour and then increasing clouds and showers starting at about 4:00 in the morning moving in by 5:00 to the east bay south of the golden gate, we'll see those showers ongoing at 5:00 and the 7:00 hour starting to fill up along the coastline as well. by 8:00, fairly widespread showers and a few areas of more moderate rainfall through the north bay, the east bay, and along the coastline. as we push into the #k hour, much of the same. we're going to have these periods of moderate rainfall from about 7:00 to about 11:00 in the morning. by 10:00, it shifted down to the south bay, and then the main band of rain goes to the east. now, as it pushes to the east, it's going to leave some very, very cold air in its wake so we are going to see our snow level locally drop to 2000 to 3000 feet. check that out over the diablo range. the blue on your screen indicates snowfall. so by 2:00 in the afternoon, we could be seeing snow falling at the diablo range down there. down to the south still at about 3000 feet. we'll be sighing showers elsewhere. that is going to continue into
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the 4:00 hour. so largely dry 4:00, but a few areas of rain hit and miss. keep the umbrella handy through the day tomorrow. just the hour brings that spotty rain to the east bay and then by 8:00, valeho and near concord. it will start to die down later on into the evening and into the overnight hours we'll see drier conditions and clearer skies. so what we are going to be seeing out there tomorrow, the time frame of the storm moves into tonight, and it's going to last mainly through the morning but we'll also see lingering showers through the afternoon and evening. rainfall totals will largely be under half an inch for both locations, a little more in the santa cruise mountains but under an inch there and still levels aring going to be dropping down to as low as 2000 feet locally. as for temperatures, it is going to be quite chilly out there tomorrow afternoon as i mentioned. the main band of rain pushes through at about 10:00 in the morning and it will be moving to the east. so that is going to leave very cold air in its wake. temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. and as for the sear i can't, we're going to see snow out there. up to eight inches of fresh powder. wednesday will largely be dry,
8:23 pm
but then we have a chance of more snow moving into thursday morning. so a look at your extended forecast. again, showers through much of the day tomorrow. much of wednesday, we'll stay dry. it's only late in the evening that we're expecting those showers to return. temperatures are going to stay rather chilly out there this week, especially for tomorrow afternoon and wednesday morning. we do have another chance of rain into the weekend. we'll, of course, keep you posted as the week progresses. coming up a little later in this broadcast, a former 49er coach just doesn't want to say good-bye. the warriors have new uniforms, and hey, what do you say we grown about the sharks. a little bit later in this broad cast. get whatever you want, baby.
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with this video the family hopes to inspire more people around the country to prove that anything can be done with a little practice and a lot of heart. >> all new dr. phil, stay-at- home dad. >> john has lost control of measure son. >> you have chaos inside that home. >> stay away, mom. i believe this borders on
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still ahead, just how high gas prices have radar. rain is approaching the bay area. we really need it. i'll tell you when it is going to impant your commute coming up after the break.
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the average price for a gallon of gasoline in california is now $4.16. the prices are also soaring here in the bay area. this president's day holiday marks 32 days in a row of
8:32 pm
increase. a look at just how high the prices have jumped. >> if it seems like you have been paying through the nose for gasoline, you are right. prices have been skyrockettings with no end in sight. just take a look at san francisco in the last month. a month ago, $3.67 for a gallon of gas. three weeks ago, it went up another five cents and then two weeks ago, $3.93 a gallon. a week ago up another dime, and now, right now, we sit at $4.13 a gallon. that is a 46-cent increase in just a month. now, why is this happening? well, people want to point the finger of blame in many directions, most notably the surge in oil prices, but industry analysts that we speak with say that at the same time oil prices have gone up, inventory and production has also increased so they say it doesn't add up. some say this is simply market manipulation and some have called for a federal investigation, but those calls have fallen on deaf ears and we continue to pay and pay and
8:33 pm
pay. if you think $4.13 is a gallon in san francisco is bad, keep in -- keep this in mind. if you go to los angeles, you're paying $4.28 a gallon. today kron 4 hits the streets to get your reaction. gas prices going through the roof. >> they are going up, and it's ridiculous. i don't know why. clearly, it is less money in my pocket if i have to pay more for gas. >> i can't spend as much money on other things obviously. >> i guess i try to take public transportation more. >> we keep paying it. that is why they keep doing it. if we went back to horse years, maybe they wouldn't do it. >> keep it here on kron 4 as we continue to track the pain at the pump. if you would like to find the cheapest gasoline in your area, visit a developing story tonight. competition getting fierce to buy a home in san jose. right now, low interest rates and increased demand are making real estate red-hot. kron 4 has the story. >> and 152 offers on this
8:34 pm
proper. >> you heard right. 152 people tried to buy this small two bed-room home near san jose's japan town. realton danielle katreras represented one of them. >> when the realtor gave us our rejection, she let us know that none was not a type-o. she was surprised. >> the reason there's so much interest. the asking price of 190,000 is affordable compared to bay area standards. how much it actually sold for is not yet public record. >> 152 offers. i am sure it went well above asking. >> and while 1 is 52 bids is out of the ordinary, homes getting multiple offers is becoming the norm. >> we are not surprised when we see that we are one of 30, one of 12 is very, very common. one of 40. those numbers are not surprising for us at all. >> are we looking at another realestate bubble. >> i have heard that question so many times. what we have talked about is we are really hoping we get some
8:35 pm
more inventory to plateau our market to kind of stabilize it a little bit more. >> the idea being more homes for sale will make the competition for them less intense. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> facebook raked in about a billion dollars in profit last year. but according to a tax watchdog group, the company paid no federal taxes and no state tax. the cell phone network is due to get a whopping $429 million refund thanks to a major tax loophole. >> we all want our tax me pairers to find us the biggest refund possible and facebook's adown about thes found a big one. the social metwork is claiming a 1 billion-dollar tax deduction for excess benefits from stock options. what does that mean? in facebook's early days, the company paid many of its executives with stock options. these are promises to buy shares of the company's stock at a set price. when facebook went public last year, it meant executives
8:36 pm
including ceo mark zuckerburg could exercise those options and buy facebook far below the market value, the difference between the price paid and actual market value is tax deductible for the company. facebook is not the only company that does this though, the advocacy group, sides for tax justice found 185 companies in the fortune 500 took similar deductions in 2010 including apple, goldman saks, hewlett packard and exxon mobile. sides have criticized the reduction calling it a corporate tax loophole. it's perfectly legal unless congress changes the tax code. democratic senator of michigan introduced a bill to eliminate stock option deductions in 2011. it was never voted on. a live look outside this evening from the soon mateo bridge, we are seeing cloudy conditions, but dry pavement. the rain has not arrived just yet. storm tracker 4 is pinpointing some returns for our inland valleys and also for the delta,
8:37 pm
but nothing is actually hitting the ground because as you can imagine, with so many nice warm days, it's quite dry out there. it's going to take a while for the air to be saturated for the rain to actually come all the way down to the ground so satellite and radar picture showing the clouds moving through, but it's dry. we are going to see a bit of a low, some clearer skies filling in overnight and then here comes the second round that is going to actually bring us the rain into tomorrow morning. now, only over to see rain, but we are going to see cold right now. temperatures are fairly mild in the upper 40s and low 50s. it was about ten degrees cooler this afternoon than what we saw last night, but the cloud cover will help keep us a little warmer out there this evening. here is what you can expect with the rain, the light showers beginning overnight really around the 4:00 hour. then we're going to see on and off rain through much of tomorrow. and a chance of thunderstorms, and this system is bringing some very cool air with it, so we are even going to see snow locally. i'll tell you what the -- when the snow levels are going to drop down to and we'll talk
8:38 pm
about the future cast coming up in just a bit. still ahead here on kron 4 news, a piece of presidential history on this president's day. how much a bomber jacket worn by jfk went for auction next. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse.
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we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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paid for an airforce bomber jacket which once belonged to president john f. kenty. it was one of more than 700 pieces of kennedy memorabilia that hit the auction block in massachusetts on sunday, appropriately on president's day weekend. other auction pieces included documents, photographs and a birthday card given to jfk by his son, john jr. all of the items were from the estate of a long-time friend and assistant to president kenty. the fast food chain burger king is not having things -- things its way. the company's twitter account was hacked leaving whopper loves to belief that macdonald's bought burger king. the tweet said, we just got
8:41 pm
sold. look for macdonald's at a hood near you. burger king's twitter profile was changed to a macdonald's logo as well. it is not clear who hacked the account. as college costs continue to climb, so does the nation's student loan debt. rather than taking out another loan, though, karen kapo looked at other ways that you can cut college costs. >> for high school seniors awaiting acceptance levels or grown-ups pondering a career change that requires further education, tuition costs can be a major factor in deciding where to go to school. americans carrying more than $1 trillion in student loan debt, looked at some of the lesser known ways to cut college costs starting with state tuition aide. in addition to federal aide programs, states hand out billions in aide each year to qualified students. another route to consider? loan forgiveness for in demand presessions like teachers, healthcare, and legal defense either through federal or state programs. bank rate also says college
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goers should be aware of the academic common market. it's a cooperative between 14 southern states in delaware and maryland that allow students to pay in-state tuition rates outside of their home state. if their field of study isn't offered at a public university in the state where they live. and if multiple siblings are headed to the same college at the same time, contact the school's financial aide office to inquire about a family discount. karen kapa, kron 4 news. the sports director is up next with all the sports.
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>> this is considered the oldest italian restaurant in america. >> with an la dinner and you have to walk. and over here, you leave, and you are stuffed. >> this is classic old school italian food, nothing trendy here. >> like mama used to make. maybe better. >> i always felt that she was the best cook in the world. >> with homemade pasta cranked out fresh every day. some of the wait staff is the same. >> even the customers. the original conks. >> we are making the, theirimasu martini which is our signature drink. my top picks, the cocktail.
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to find out more, go to our website at and click on dine and dish. in san francisco, kron 4 news. >> and some much-needed rain coming to the bay area as we head into tomorrow. the shower started really early in the morning. lasting through the morning hours, and then into the afternoon as well. temperatures are going to be rather chilly tomorrow afternoon in the upper 40s and low 50s. for wednesday, we are largely going to stay dry, but we do have a chance of showers again into wednesday night. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a bit. satellite and radar showing a few returns that moved over the bay area earlier this evening, but no rain actually hitting the ground. it was just too dry out there right now, but it helps to kind of saturate things, so when this moves in, we'll be getting plenty of rain into tomorrow morning. we aring going to see some clearer skies before the main system pushes in. you'll see that here on futurecast 4 by midnight. we are seeing those clearer
8:47 pm
skies but increasing clouds and here comes the rain into your morning commute. the 5:00 hour rain is largely south of the golden gates with some heavier rain over the east bay. by 7:00, it is still rather scattered by but -- but by 8:00, fairly widespread with a few areas of more moderate rain mixed in. we're going to keep that same pattern going through the 9:00 hour. some more moderate rain through concord and oakland and the soon mateo coastline and the south baby 10:00. and the main band of rain is going to push to the east. as it pushes to the east, we're going to see a blast of cold air left in its wake. that is going to mean snow levels dropping to as low as 2000 feet here in the bay area. you'll see by 2:00, though, much of the rain is already gone, but it is pinpointing snow over the range. that is the blue here on your screen, so, we are still going to have enough moisture left to possibly see a dusting in the higher elevations especially down to the south with featurecast. we're still pinpointing snow into the 4:00 hour as well as a few spotty showers. the spotty showers continue into the 6:00 hour and into the
8:48 pm
8:00 hour. so largely we're going to stay dry after about 2:00 tomorrow with a few hit and miss showers so you definitely want to keep the umbrella handy through the day, but we will see drier conditions into tomorrow night and early wednesday morning. and as for rainfall totals, they are largely going to be under half an inch of rain. just about a quarter of an inch of rain in san francisco, the peninsula, the east bay, the south way. more expected over the santa cruz mountains and a little bit more over the north bay hills as well as our north bay dallas. as for the sear i can't, we are going to be seeing snow. the 7:00 hour. it's already underway. picks up in intensity by 11:00 and continues through the afternoon. it will start to kind of be a little more spotty though into the 7:00 hour and start to taper off into tuesday night. so, we could see up to eight inches of fresh powder tomorrow. into wednesday, we'ring going to stay dry, but it will be blustery and cold for wednesday and then thursday morning, a chance of adiggal snow as we get another pushing through the northern california. as we take a look at our
8:49 pm
extended forecast again, showers tomorrow. wednesday, largely dry, and then a chance of late rain. it's going to be quite cold tomorrow afternoon and wednesday morning. chilly through the rest of the week. and we even have another chance of rain into saturday. we'll, of course, keep you posted as the weekend draws nearer. all right. everybody the pack 12 conference has given the basketball coach mike montgomery a slap on the wrist. no suspension, but a reprimand for shoving allen crab during last night's cal win over usc. now, after the game, montgomery said hey, it worked. but then once the athletic director got involved calling montgomery's actions unacceptable, crab had to be brought back towards the bench by one of his teammates, and he can return to the game and played very well. his coach montgomery today. >> he's a terrific kid.
8:50 pm
and i just made the mistake of getting a little overly excited, a little overzealous in my approach to him to his credit, he bounced back and had a whale of the last part of the half. so that won't happen again, but, trying to get in the kid's faces every now and again to get them going is kind of what you need to be able to do. just bad choice of motivational techniques on my part. >> yeah, mike, nice and relaxed during that press conference. that means he's got enough money in the bank that he's not going to -- oh my gosh, i've got to coach for the next 30 years. he seems like a guy in control, but he knows that was his one mistake. now, one of sport's most successful owners has passed away. jerry took over the lakers in 1979 and immediately drafted magic johnson number one and from there five championships, the showtime, and it would be hard-pressed to find a basketball owner more success
8:51 pm
isful over the 33 years. long bout with cancer caused the end of jerry but's life today at anal 80. >> it's been a year and a half struggle for dr. bus. amazing man. he's lasted this long. >> yeah, and of course, magic johnson, abdul jabaar, pat riley, all the great names. weighed in today. that was a mistake. that fellow just got thrown out. you'll see him in a minute. but the bottom line on jerry buts, he lived a high life away from basketball, but he just denied it by winning championships. the lakers winning again, five under his leadership. the first wanted to make the all-star game since 1997. not bad in last night's game. david lee was pretty well with the last warrior to play in the game, and lee officially entered the game with 9:23 left
8:52 pm
in the second quarter. he played 13 minutes, 25 seconds, six points, two rebounds, two steals. his team, the west won the game. 143-138. back at the mvp. no surprise who the giant's opening day starter will be. the last four years have been tim, but tim struggled last year and matt cain, undoubtedly the best pitcher on the staff. 16 and 5 record. under three earned run average. picks the franchise's first perfect game. started the all-star game. took them out and each of the giant three may-off clenching wins. hey, you know little 1s. it's got to be matt cain. it's the wrong time to be carrying an unregistered gun and here is a fellow you just saw accidentally. bowers arrested at la guardia airport in new york and he had a loaded 40 caliber gun in his carry-on bag. he charged with second degree
8:53 pm
criminal position of a weapon. bowers who played for the tampa bay buccaneers had no comment. the team had no comment, and there it is. can't say it enough times. you have to use your head especially when it comes to guns at this point in time. danika patrick has made history. at the daytona 500 sunday, she will start in the poll position. she is the first woman to ever claim the honor. in fact, she's the first woman to secure the poll for any nascar race and probably the number one accomplishment of patrick's career. she's received a lot of publicity but has yet to truly back it up on the course. she'll start first alongside jeff gordon. >> i was brought up to be the faster driver, not the faster girl. that was instilled in me. driving in those moments where the pressure on has been a help for me, and i feel like i have been very lucky in my career to be with good teams. we have a lot more history to
8:54 pm
make, and we are excited to do it. >> it's funny how love will follow good things. she was married to some guy. it didn't work out. she got rid of him. now she's dating a driver, and she says hey, we love having the cameras on us. we love talking about how much we love each other, and love is in the air. >> yeah. him and jackie. she was always good, but once you fell in love, you have never been better. right? >> i guess. >> no, it's just something, pam, about love as we all know there. and love, love, love. mike, are you in love? yeah, mike is in love too. mike is in love with crime, and that is certainly -- hey, mike, get ready for an unhappy ending. -- kron. >> another happy ending. forget the joke i made about kron. when you work here, you are in love, and it always ends up great. look at this thing. a fiery crash.
8:55 pm
brown. every time we run these, 308- miles per hour. he crashes. on fire. and he walks away unharmed. the great antoine brown is okay. when we come back, -- mr. dribbles in a moment.
8:56 pm
>> what other issues do you treat? >> slowness. we also treat developmental disorders like autism, language
8:57 pm
dysfunction and epilepsy and treat adults with anxiety, phobias and those who want to strive for peak performance. >> remember it is all drug- free. if you want more information, or if austin's story sounded familiar, just go to or call (408)356-1002. >> all right, real quick here is chung, head basketball coach at brandon university in
8:58 pm
canada. and look at this. she makes a half-court shot and wins a free tuition scholarship for a student. now, here it is. i mean that is pretty cool when the coach and they are all trying to catch him, and sweet the guy makes a half-court shot and a student is going to get free tuition at brandon. and show me car ron whitesman who is known as dr. dribble. this guy went four and a half hours, a 26-mile marathon in the miami area to raise money for charity. so there he is. dr. dribble. and i am just going to say for those of you who drive by our building, there's a big picture of myself, -- myself, pam, and jackie. it used to be me and pam, and all of a sudden jackie showed up. i found out who the culprit was. pam asked to put her on. reduce my pitcher. >> it was kevin adler's
8:59 pm
decision. good night. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on for two whole years. from at&t. call to get u-verse tv starting at just $19 a month with our triple-play bundle. get the same great price for two years. plus now two times the internet speed than before. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included for life. [ male announcer ] you get reliable high-speed internet on our advanced digital network. choose from speeds up to 24 megs. [ female announcer ] and with u-verse tv, you can record four shows at once on your total home dvr and play them back in any room. [ male announcer ] so call now. u-verse tv starts at $19 a month with our triple-play bundle, with the same great price for two years. plus now get two times the internet speed than before. it's a triple-play bundle that's hard to beat --

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